5 reasons to incorporate augmented reality into your business

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Every time a new technology such as Augmented Reality comes out, inevitably people will ask why they should implement the new technology in question instead of keeping things as is.  Once you finish the discussion on stagnation and innovation, you then start to delve into the technology itself.

In this case the technology is Augmented Reality; the incredible technology that allows one to overlay the digital world onto the real world using a mobile device.  Once a marketer or brand understand AR and what it can do, they then need to decide WHY they should incorporate AR into their marketing mix or into their business in general.

Here are a few of the reasons why you need to add AR now instead of waiting for your competition do it first.

1)      It is a Differentiator

Using AR alone isn’t the differentiator; it must be done correctly and with the correct purpose.  If you bring value to your customers or employees with AR, it will quickly become a key differentiator between you and your competition.

Imagine if you are deciding between which comparable brands to purchase but one of the options comes with an AR game, AR manual or allows you to visualize the product in AR.  You will gravitate towards the AR experience, and that brand has now have stolen your valuable attention away from the competition.


2)      Early adoption = long term success

The earlier a brand starts to add augmented reality to their marketing and business, the better their chances of long term success. Why?  Well….

1 – Google Glass.  Google is pumping a lot of money into this technology, which means chances are AR is around for good.  If a brand doesn’t add AR to their business at some point in the next five years, they will be left behind.

2 – The earlier a brand adopts AR, the longer they have figuring out what works while the competition sits around.  By the time the competition decides to catch up, the early-adopting brand will be light years ahead, with a larger chunk of market share.

3 – As your target demographic age they will be replaced with a younger incoming crowd, already well versed and up to date on AR. If you have AR in place when they become consumers of your brand, who do you think they will gravitate towards?


3)      AR knows no bounds

The fantastic thing about AR is it can pretty much do whatever it is you want.  Provided you are using a capable AR provider, essentially if you can dream it, it can be done.  And that makes it all very, very exciting!

From simple 3D product displays to a video playing overtop of a magazine page to a fully animated game on a cereal box, AR’s capabilities are almost endless.  It is pretty much only limited by the creativity of its owner and the technological capabilities of its developer.

Think of all the things you wanted to be able to demonstrate, show or educate to your consumers only to be restricted by manufacturing capabilities, packaging or general technology.  Those restrictions are now lifted with AR.


 4)      It is a great productivity tool

AR technology has matured to a point where organizations can use it as an internal tool to complement and enhance business processes, workflows and employee training.  AR facilitates business innovation by enabling real-time decision making through virtual prototyping and visualization of content to allow faster responses or decision-making.

It has the potential to improve productivity, provide hands-on experience, simplify current processes, increase available information, provide real-time access to data, offer new ways to visualize problems and solutions, and enhance collaboration.


5)      It can help achieve a variety of desired results

The great thing about augmented reality is it can be used to achieve any goal you have for your brand or company as it complements and assists any number of campaigns, marketing plans or ways of doing business.

From increasing sales to generating word of mouth buzz about your product to help visualizing your product to customer service, AR can deliver value and help achieve a variety of desired results.

For example:

Want them to see your product in their living room? AR can do it.

Want to guide them to help change their car tire? AR can do it.

Want them to unlock extra content in a simple magazine ad? AR can do it.

Want them to find where your brand is sold nearest to their location? AR can do it.

Want them…..well you get our drift.

Overall, AR is a magical and wonderful technology that will help bring new life to your brand, to your company, set you apart from your competition and ensure your long term success.

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