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AR is redefining the way brands and businesses showcase their products and services, sell to and interact with their customers as well as reaching entirely new audiences


Traditional Advertising

Adding an AR element to your traditional advertising will give it a big advantage over every other ad in a newspaper or magazine. 

Turn a static 2D ad into an interactive experience by adding video or a 3D element to allow the consumer to access content that could not be printed or seen.  The ad can even include a commerce component, allowing the consumer to purchase your product right from the ad!

Catalogues and Magazines

Does your business have a monthly or seasonal catalogue or magazine that goes out to your consumers? One problem with this medium has always been the limited amount of information you can include about a product, due to page size restrictions and design.

With AR, that is not a problem at all.  For example, you are able to show:

    – Multiple product angles
    – Customer reviews
    – Detailed product description
    – Commerce functionality – buy right from the page!
    – The product in 3D! let them virtually try it on or put your product in their home to see how it looks

Don’t even think about cluttering up your catalogues with unnecessary information any longer.  Allow your consumer to access it all via AR!


Directly on Packaging or Product

Think of what your customers want to access on your packaging either as extra information, contest capabilities or simply a cool interactive experience and it can be done in AR.

Anything that can be added to your print advertising in AR can be added to your packaging or product.  From a game on the front of a cereal box to a contest on a beer case to seeing nutritional information on your soup can, all of it can be done in AR.

And the best part? You don’t need to repackage or reprint your labels or product! We can use any existing label or package and turn it into an AR trigger.

In Store

Any display case, promotional materials or product display can become an AR trigger.  Allow your consumers to access additional display or promotional information, product information or even have your product come to life in the store!

For example, if your display or product is endorsed by a celebrity, why not have an AR experience of that celebrity right in the store! Now that will have a huge impact on the consumer.



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