Not all AR is created equal

Look around and you’ll find that many AR providers limit and force brands and agencies to tailor their concept to fit within the highly-limited uses they have available in a rigid Software Developer Kit (SDK).

That’s not the case at SevenMedia. We encourage clients to dream big with unique features including:

Infinite Real Time Visual Search – the ability to use an infinite number of objects as markers

Use your EXISTING App – drop our API into your existing app to give it AR functionality

Segmented Analytics – Reporting users by location, gender and age

Age, Gender and Geo specific multiple content delivery from the same trigger

Full custom development and the ability to build multiple experiences into 1 scene, such as video, 3D and gaming

Turn any of your current materials into an AR trigger. Existing print collateral, logos, images etc

Full-service is important

By being a full service mobile agency, we ensure your AR experience makes business sense and is in line with your overall business, marketing and mobile objectives.


Unlike AR-only providers, we can also provide all other development efforts that may be needed (native apps, SMS, mobile web) to deliver a rich AR experience.

Augmented Reality is a new technology and the world is still trying to understand it.  Instead of giving you our SDK and letting you figure it out, we will hold your hand throughout the entire process and with our full service capabilities, we will ensure you are getting the AR experience that makes the most sense for you business.

After all, just because we can do it all doesn’t mean you need it all.

AR success in 4 simple steps

Big Ideas

Step 1. Define your content
What do we mean by content?
This is what will show up in Augmented reality once a trigger is detected. This can be anything from a commercial, a 3D popup, a coupon or an event schedule. You can even use it as a trackable marketing tool while staying connected through social media

Big Ideas

Step 2. Attach it to a trigger
What is a trigger?
As the name suggests, a trigger initializes the augmented reality content through your smart device. You can utilize your existing material as a trigger including any image, logo or geo-coordinate.

Big Ideas

Step 3. Target Demographics
Choose what they see
You decide which demographic you want to target and what they see.
Have one part of your audience viewing a product demo while the other is notified of product sponsored events in their local area, all from the same trigger.

Big Ideas

Step 4. Track analytics
Understand your audience
Know everything from age and gender to location and employment. With this knowledge you can determine how to best market your product.

As they say “Seeing is believing”.
We’re always happy to demonstrate our AR capabilities and discuss your project

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