Personalization: the secret-sauce of mobile marketing

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For all brands and marketers with a mobile strategy or those just putting yours together, you must ask yourself one simple question: what are our personalization marketing tactics?

Mobile is one of the most personal items one carries with them.  For most, a mobile phone is a person’s most personal item on them, next to their wallet; some would even say THE most personal.

This coupled with the fact that mobile users reveal tons of personal information on the internet and through their device and you have the most magnificent marketing opportunity that has ever been available.

However, while 89 percent of consumers want some sort of personalized mobile communications from brands and retailers while in-store, only 18 percent see personalization from retailers and brands. (Source: Vibes)

Taking personalization away from the store and into the digital world, 43% of companies deliver a personalized experience on desktop computers, yet only 13% do on mobile.

If you are not implementing personalization tactics to your mobile marketing as I am sure you already do on the desktop marketing, then you better act quickly! Not only will it put you ahead of the competition but it will also not leave you behind when others catch on.

Imagine for example, as a consumer enters a retail store, all of the personal data they wish to share — past purchases, reviews, sizes, shopping lists, shipping preferences — will be immediately available to that retailer, delivered via the consumer’s mobile device. And in return, the consumer will get a highly personalized experience: Relevant deals, product suggestions, store maps, mobile checkout, and more.

That is extremely powerful and will certainly not only help retain customers but attract new ones as well.

Up here in Canada, Shopper’s Drugmart was recently purchased by Loblaw’s.  This acquisition was essentially for one purpose: to acquire the personal data that Shopper’s has on millions of their Optimum members.

Data is a powerful marketing tool and having personalized data will make your marketing message reach the right customer, at the right place, at the right time, with the right message.  Who doesn’t want that?

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