It's time to get in the game.

At SevenMedia we’re focused on helping clients
navigate and understand not only AR technology, but also the opportunities
it presents in a rapidly evolving mobile landscape.

The SevenMedia AR advantage:

Big Ideas

In our partnerships with brands and businesses we help our clients make sense of it all – How does it work? What are the software and hardware constraints? How do my customers utilize it?

Whether your questions are simple or complex, our comprehensive AR strategies and consulting experience provide clarity and peace of mind.

Big Ideas

Sure, we’ve read the critiques where Augmented Reality (AR) has been labeled as a gimmick or even criticized for its lack of practicality.

However, we truly and firmly believe AR is, and will continue to, change the world we live in. In our view AR effectiveness is centered on appropriate applications and our company’s long-term vision. Just take a look at Apple, Google and some of the world’s largest brands clamoring to get into the space for validation that AR is here to stay and that it will only grow in adoption and application.

At SevenMedia our guiding principles are rooted in honest and open dialogue with our clients. If we don’t feel a client AR proposal has what it takes to make a splash or have an impact, while blowing people away, we will work with you to ideate it.

local and fully equipped

Unlike some of our competition, SevenMedia was founded and operates in Toronto while servicing North America.

Under our partnership with GravityJack we offer a full design studio and an equally full development team, dedicated to all facets of the augmented reality industry, including custom development, 3-dimensional modeling, rigging and animation.


SevenMedia is the only AR company providing clients with data and information, allowing the optimization and efficient tailoring of content to each user. As soon as users view content, SevenMedia is provided with unique analytics. This information is entirely accessible by our clients via metrics, aggregate demographics and geographic visualizations. This provides our clients incredible insight and metrics for ongoing campaign evolution.

SevenMedia AR offers:

Exclusive ability to wrap video content on cylinders (cans and bottles)

Only real-time visual search engine in the world

Only platform that does it all: 3D, Video, Geo, Analytics, e-Commerce, Targeting

Plugs into YOUR App. Drop our API into your existing app to give it AR functionality

Exclusive, 3D object detection

Use your existing content, existing print, existing containers

Ready to go? Learn more about activating AR in 4 simple steps

As they say “Seeing is believing”.
We’re always happy to demonstrate our AR capabilities and discuss your project