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We’re passionate people too.
Every day we dedicate ourselves to delivering the best possible AR experiences through technical innovation and creative engagement strategies.

Why choose to partner with SevenMedia AR:

Big Ideas

We’re truly driven by the potential of AR to change lives and deliver incredible experiences. We embrace the opportunity to work with creative agencies and design firms to constantly evolve and push the boundaries of what is possible.


Every agency and design firm is different and we believe the best ideas and outcomes occur when you work in close partnership with just the right mix of collaboration.

At SevenMedia we’re here to deliver the custom solutions agencies crave and deserve. From comprehensive thought leadership programs, to concept ideation, to contract software development – we can work with you in a variety of roles to ensure your AR project is a success.

Regardless of our role, what you will always find working with SevenMedia are guiding principles rooted in creating AR that makes sense, is productive, and has purpose in a brand’s campaign.


Look around and you’ll find that competitors often limit and force agencies to tailor their concept to fit within the highly-limited uses they have available in a rigid Software Developer Kit (SDK).

That’s not the case at SevenMedia. We encourage clients to dream big. We invite you to push the envelope and believe that a finished product should look exactly like the intended vision, maybe even better.

In short, we’re focused on delivering an AR experience without compromise that showcases your creative genius.


SevenMedia is the only AR company providing clients with data and information, allowing the optimization and efficient tailoring of content to each user. As soon as users view content, SevenMedia is provided with unique analytics. This information is entirely accessible by you via metrics, aggregate demographics and geographic visualizations. This provides agencies incredible insight and metrics for ongoing campaign evolution.

The SevenMedia AR advantage:

Infinite Real Time Visual Search – the ability to use an infinite number of objects as markers

Plugs into EXISTING Apps – drop our API into your clients existing app to give it AR functionality

Segmented Analytics – Reporting users by location, gender and age

Age, Gender and Geo specific multiple content delivery from the same trigger

Full service experience and custom development and the ability to build multiple experiences into 1 scene, such as video, 3D and gaming

Based in and focused on North America

Ready to go? Learn more about activating AR in 4 simple steps


As they say “Seeing is believing”.
We’re always happy to demonstrate our AR capabilities and discuss your project