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There from the beginning

The first (SMS) text message was sent by an engineer with the simple message “Merry Christmas” back in 1992. Today, an estimated six billion SMS messages are sent daily in the United States alone. On a global scale, more than eight trillion text messages are sent annually.  And that number is climbing.

On top of being a personal communication tool, SMS has become the backbone of any successful mobile marketing strategy; for the Mom and Pop shop, up to multinational brands and retailers.

SMS by the numbers:


of all text messages are read


as many people respond to text messages

6 to 8x

higher engagement rate than email (estimated)


Coca Cola mobile marketing budget allocated to SMS

By using SMS marketers can develop a deeper understanding around every interaction to better engage customers with relevant, timely and personalized messages across channels and devices.

Mobile is improving the way Loyalty programs operate, decreasing their cost and most importantly, improving their effectiveness.

There are many different ways to utilize SMS as part of your mobile marketing campaign or strategy. To make it easy for our clients, we tend to put SMS use in two categories:

1. Mobile Database Loyalty Programs

(on-going database and/or communication program and Loyalty Programs)

2. SMS campaigns

(One-off campaigns. Can also be used within the Loyalty Program)

The beauty of SMS is that it will never change. It remains the only other ubiquitous, carrier-neutral, O/S-neutral, device-neutral, telecommunication standard.

Our SMS services at a glance:

SMS database communication
Mobile Loyalty programs
Mobile coupons
SMS polls
Text To Win campaigns
SMS Opt-in pages (web and Facebook)
Point-Of-Sale Kiosk plugin

Once we determine which of the 2 categories you require, we work with you to strategically create the most appropriate program or campaign based on your desired goals.


From there, our connectivity to the carriers and extensive backend program to execute and conduct follow up analytics will deliver a strong ROI. 


Unsure what you need or where to start? No problem.

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