Where will you start?

The mobile ecosystem is vast and changing at a rapid pace every day.

At this point in time, a business without a mobile strategy is a business without a strategy at all. According to Cisco, by 2016 there will be 10 billion Internet-enabled devices globally and smartphone traffic will grow 50 times from the size it is today.

Mobile is no longer a ‘nice to have’ or something you think your business will get around to eventually; it’s a critical requirement of doing business and staying competitive.


You know your company needs to be focused on mobile, but where do you start?
SMS? Apps? Mobile Payments? That is where we step in. The mobile ecosystem is vast and changing at a rapid pace every day; let us help guide you.

SevenMedia will create a tailored mobile strategy that aligns with your key business drivers, along with selecting the right technology and platform(s) to support both short- and long-term needs.  By aligning actions with long and short-term objectives, we create strategies that work.


You may think that mobile is something your business can handle internally; a lot do.  However, mobile initiatives today require strategic planning, budgeting, research, prototyping and testing, as well as consistent updating. Mobile undertakings need to be iterative and agile, rather than tactical one-off projects with a beginning and an end.


Not to mention, maintaining the delicate balance between addressing user needs and IT capabilities can be difficult. Let us take away all the grunt work for you and provide our expertise to ensure your mobile initiatives truly reflect your business needs. 

We lead through idea creation, knowledge, mobile technology and innovation to provide a competitive edge for your business.


Once your mobile strategy is complete, we have all the resources to provide any and all development that is needed, from Loyalty and SMS campaigns to App and mobile web development to Augmented Reality.


Get your Mobile strategy right and start seeing the results today!

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