The Best Augmented Reality Campaigns of 2013

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Augmemted Reality

2013 saw a huge increase in Augmented Reality campaigns and naturally, there were hits and misses.

Augmented Reality is a great technology that has unlimited possibilities but it needs to be used properly.  If you are looking to do it correctly, take notes from these brands.

Here is our list of the Top Augmented Reality Campaigns of 2013.

Please note that these are our top AR campaigns for brands, not top uses of AR in 2013.


1)      Sesame Street uses AR to teach kids vocabulary.

Sesame Street launched a new mobile application that leverages augmented reality to let children learn new vocabulary words by scanning printed food-related words on real-world objects.

We like this one for its educational element and delivering real value for kids.



2)      Home Depot AR lets users view doors & windows on homes

Home Depot added AR to their mobile app to give customers the ability to overly their catalogued doors and windows on top of their house in real time.

They also allow the user to place certain items like vanities, patio furniture etc in their homes to see how they fit.  This may have been a response to IKEA’s AR catalogue or a straight copy of their concept.  Whichever way they came up with the concept, we love it.

What we really like is how it all connects to their mobile commerce portion, so the user can then make a purchase while they are engaged with the experience.



3)      IKEA AR catalogue

No Top AR Campaign list is complete without IKEA’s AR Catalogue campaign.

Although 2013 wasn’t IKEA’s first AR campaign, it really gathered a lot of buzz this year for a few reasons.  More people had tablets in 2013, AR technology gets better every day and the ability to place items in a user’s room really added value to the experience.

It is one thing to bring the pages to life with AR but giving the experience real world application significantly enhances its value.

For us, the next step would be to add a commerce portion to the experience. But IKEA probably wants you to come into the store instead and get lost in there!



 4)      Valpak uses AR to drive location-based coupon redemptions

Of all the AR campaigns that came out in 2013, almost none had a location-based element to it.

Except for Valpak.

Combining AR and location-based information is extremely powerful and Valpak shows you how it’s done by using the technology to drive local coupon redemptions.



5)      TaylorMade Golf brings print ads to life with AR

TaylorMade decided to launch their new R1 driver with AR. What they did was a great blend of AR and native app capabilities.  The user was able to view & ‘feel’ the driver in AR and learn about all of its features.  Once they got a sense of all the settings, they were then able to engage the native feature and alter the settings to hit test shots.

We love AR campaigns that help visualize product and educate the consumer.




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